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Hue, One question. That'll take your time c;
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[Minor] נυиωσσ 17th Sep 2014

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            A Question I have :

  •     Are we going to war with any of the clans soon? I think that it'll be a very good idea, If we start warring at least one clan. If we win, The fight, We'll get some spotlight at least, and we'd have another clan achievement to add. It'll be a very good opportunity to put ourselves out there. 
  •           The reasons to why I've suggested this, is because, as you've seen, Other clans might be prided for their skills. Defeating most PB clans is a big achievement to them, Showing others that they are unstoppable, and better than most clans. They don't have trouble recruiting at all, either. I've seen players ask a recruiter directly without the recruiter mentioning it. For example, Unreal, They are proud of their clan and achievements. Such as, Being active both on PB and their chats. They also have a history of wars, That they've won effortlessly. Most clans, Such as Anti, Has ended because of them. They continue to show the effort and pride they have by accepting challenges that any clan has to offer, and war clans that disturb their peace. I thank you for taking your time and reading this altogether, and hope you'd take the suggestion into your own consideration and thoughts. Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think. If you think it's a bad idea, then please tell me why.      Sincerely, Your most beloved pervert,  - JunWoo                  

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[Minor] Telikos 18th Sep 2014

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I doubt it. Not every successful clan has to go to warfare. In fact, the most powerful clans are the clans with the most influence and pull. If I'm correct on this, seeing as most of our members are influential members of the community, I doubt we would need warfare to strengthen ourselves. But still, I may be wrong on this.
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[Exo] ThePureNinja 18th Sep 2014

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Let's start by small conquering.
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[Nova] Sack o Taters 18th Sep 2014

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You see Jun, the idea is perfect. Winning a war. Getting some fame. Being able to say that we, TPA one a war, but the questions are:

Will we win for sure?

What will happen if we lose?

Will we be able to find a clan weak enougho war against?

Just saying.

- Satomi
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